Kick-Off Meeting Presentations

The following are power point pesentations given at the kick-off meeting on July 19, 2000, by the Visualization MURI team. For the UC Berkeley and USC presentations both multiple-file archived versions and single file power point presentations are provided. The multiple-file versions include the video sequences as well as the power point presentations. To extract the multiple-file archived versions use: tar -xvf "filename" on a unix machine. A directory will be created including the power point presentations and the video sequences. Most of the files in the directory are compressed and must be uncompressed using the command "uncompress" before they can be used. For all other presentations, simply click on the link to download the power point file.

UC Berkeley with video sequences in AVI format (~50M).
UC Berkeley's introductory presentation. (~150k).
UC Berkeley without video sequences (~3.9M).
Georgia Tech(~9.7M).
USC with video sequences in MPEG format (~19M).
Syracuse University(~100k).

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