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Qualcomm Chair in EECS
Office: 507 Cory Hall
Phone: (510) 643-6777
Email: avz at  berkeley dot edu






Complete Publication List

Research Interests: 3D computer vision, signal/image processing, deep learning, autonomous systems;

Current Research Projects:

·       Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) sensor fusion and processing:

o   3D building reconstruction, and scene segmentation

o   Multi-modal EO/IR sensor fusion for object detection

o   Thin obstacle detection for motion planning

·       Deep learning:

o   Unsupervised learning for video, Lidar, and multimodal sensors

o   Detecting misinformation in multi-modal data

o   One shot or few shot learning

o   Learning based, recognition aware, image compression

o   WiFi proximity detection methods for contact tracing of Covid-19

o   Detecting small objects in ultra-high resolution images:

§  Automated Segmentation and Area Assessment of Invasive Melanoma

§  Barcode detection and decoding in high resolution images




EE225B, Digital Image Processing,

EE290T, 3D reconstruction and recognition


Video of Talks:

Thermal Mapping of  Building Interior with a robot. 

Invited talk at BIDS, “Drone Image Processing, Opportunities and Challenges”, May 2021

Keynote Speech at ISPRS Geo Spatial Week, University of Twente, Netherlands, “Fast Automated 3D modeling of building interiors and parsing of assets”, June 2019

Fast Photorealistic 3D mapping of urban environments, Cruise Tech Talk,     October, 3, 2018

“Smart Tech: Phones, Drones and Interior Mapping”, February 19, 2018, BigThink

“Mapping your world with a backpack”, October 29, 2015, KQED

“The Mapping Backpack”, Berkeley Engineering, June 8, 2015

“Backpack Device Performs Three Dimensional Scanning for any Building Design”, June 4, 2015, BBC Arabic

“Berkeley Based Startups Win Big at ARPA-E”

Avideh Zakhor Featured in ARPA-E Inspiring Innovators Showcase, February 11, 2015

Talk on “Image Based Localization” Swarm Lab Seminar, Berkeley, CA, November 2014

Fast, automated, 3D modeling of building interiors CITRIS talk, May 4, 2011, 45 minutes

Veronica Belmont Tests Laser Backpack at UC Berkeley  Interview with Veronica Belmont, April 22, 2011, 2 minutes

Augmenting reality via client/cloud platforms, Bears conference, Feb. 2011 begins around 1:16, lasts 30 minutes

Instant 3D modeling, ImmerseTech, Los Angeles, October 2010, 20 minutes

Panel discussion on What Technological Innovations Will Create New Industries? Bears workshop, Feb. 2008, 60 minutes

Video similarity search, May 14th 2007, Future of Search Workshop, U.C. Berkeley, 20 mins

The Future of 3D Modeling: Large Scale Modeling of the Globe:  Bears Conference, Berkeley, CA February 2007; 30 minutes

Automated Reconstruction of 3D city models  Google Tech Talk, October 2006; 60 minutes

In the News:

“Teaching Robots to See and Understand”, Kaveh Wandell, Axios Newsletter, October 2019

 “Avideh Zakhor, the brains behind Google Earth and Street View”, The Mercury News, May 18, 2017

Berkeley Team Takes Its Energy Innovation to Capitol Hill, U.C. Berkeley Newsletter, February 2014

Backpack Creates Thermal Maps, Energy Manager Today, February 2014, by Linda Hardesty

3D Mapping Backpack, KTVU News Segment, February 2014

All Seeing Backpack Homes on Energy Waste, EnergyWire, February 2014, by David Ferris

EETD’s Rapid Energy Modeler (RAPMOD) at the ARPA-E Technology Showcase, LBNL Newsletter, February 2014

 UC Berkeley Pursues Indoor Positioning Via Smartphone Photos, FireceWirelessTech, December 10, 2013

Indoor Imagery Gives Mobile Devices the Way, Technology Review, December 10, 2013, by Tom Simonite,

A Backpack for BIM GeoDataPoint, August 30, 2012, by Christine Grahl

Turning Augmented Reality into an Open Standard, Technology Review, March 2011, by Christopher Mims

Speedy Interior Mapping Architectural Products Magazine, Jan/Feb 2011 issue

Interior modeling: a virtual walk on the inside, Photonics Spectra Magazine, Jan. 2011

Laser Backpack: One-on-One with Avideh Zakhor, Interview on KALX Radio with Alexa Vaughn, October 2010

Laser Backpack Prototype Maps Inside Buildings, George I. Seffers, SIGNAL Online Exclusive September 30, 2010

Laser Backpack measures interiors, United Press International, September 2010

Military backpack maps out 3D interiors, by Tim Hornyak, CNET, September 2010

Portable Laser Backpack Revolutionizes 3D Mapping, by Maria Callier, Wright Patterson Air Force Base News, September 2010

3D indoor modeling project by Richard Hart, ABC 7 News (KGO), August 8, 2010

New Backpack Makes 3D Maps of Buildings, Daily Californian, August 2010

New Backpack creates instant 3D Maps, Engadget, August 2010

Google launches ground based models in Google Earth for a number of CA cities, including Berkeley, Nov. 19th, 2009

3D modeling Air Force News, August 2007,

Google Licenses the 3D city modeling software, June 2007

Video Search, Red Herring, Jan 16, 2006

3D city modeling  R&D Magazine, June 2005, 

3D City Modeling, New Scientist Article, May 2005

3D City modeling American Public Radio Interview, Future Tense, May 2005, 

The Hungry Mind Interview with Bonnie Azab Powell, April 2005

3D city modeling The Daily Californian, February 2004, 

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