Some info about dtan

Hi, I have retired from my post as a senior graduate student in the EECS department at UC Berkeley. My dissertation advisor is Prof Avideh Zakhor and I do research on video compression and transport.

I finished high school in Hong-kong before coming to the States. Unaware of how cold it can actually get, I went to the east coast and attended Brown University (BS '92). Well, I did see my first snow-fall on thanksgiving day, but still decided to move to sunny California after graduation. I went to the other side of the Bay to Stanford University (MSEE '93) and then worked for Oracle Corporation (93-95) before coming to Berkeley.

In terms of other interests, I have dedicated most of my free time "experimenting" with dynamic routing algorithms, with application to the Berkeley to Palo Alto commute...

Other non-research interests are marathon sleeping and catching up on my chinese books.