Some Courses that I've taken

At Berkeley...

CS 268 Computer Networks
EE 229 Information Theory and Coding
CS 294-3 Multimedia Systems and Applications
EE 225 A Digital Signal Processing
EE 290 Q Topics in Communication Networks
EE 290 S Wavelets
EE 290 T Topics in Video Compression
MA 202 A Topology
MA 204 A Ordinary Differential Equations

At Stanford...

CS 193 D C++ and Object-oriented Programming
CS 193 U Software Engineering in C
CS 245 Database Principles and Implementation
EE 278 Intro to Statistical Signal Processing
EE 292 L Neural Networks
EE 363 Linear System Theory
EE 364 Multivariable System Theory
EE 373 A Adaptive Signal Processing
EE 375 Advanced Analysis of Feedback
EE 376 A,B Information Theory
EE 378 A Linear Estimation
EE 384 Computer Networking
EE 387 Error Correction Coding

At Brown...

CS 126 Compilers
CS 165 VLSI Design
CS 169 Operating Systems
ENG 163 Digital Circuits Design
ENG 164 Computer Architecture