Networking Research

Funded by National Science Foundation

Video and Image Processing Lab, EECS, U.C. Berkeley.

Principle Investigator: Professor Avideh Zakhor







This page only contains some of the research areas which are currently under investigation by the people in the Video and Image Processing Lab at U.C. Berkeley.


Research Areas

*   Differentiated Services

*   Multicast

*   Distributed Video Streaming

*   Video over Wireless


*   Professor Avideh Zakhor

Phone: (510) 643-6777

Fax: (510) 642-2739



       * Publications      

       * Educational Impact


*   Dr. Sang H. Kang (Video over wireless)

*   Yufeng Shan (Video over wireless)

Current Graduate Students

*   Minghua Chen  (Video over wireless)

*   Puneet Mehra   (Video over wireless LANs)

*   Thinh Nguyen  (Distributed Video Streaming)

*   Wei Wei            (Differentiated Services)


*   Daniel Tan  (Differentiated Services and Multicast)





University of California at Berkeley Video and Image Processing Lab

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