Next Generation, 4-D Distributed Modeling and Visualization

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People & Institutions

*Prof. Avideh Zakhor, University of California, Berkeley
Research at UC Berkeley is carried out in Prof. Zakhor's Video and Image Processing (VIP) Lab. The focus of the MURI research at UC Berkeley is the acquisition and reconstruction of real world models . The aim is to devise fast, robust, automatic, and accurate modeling techniques, which lead to a compact representation of the resulting scenes, in such a way as to facilitate arbitrary view synthesis for augmented reality applications. Prof. Zakhor is also the technical coordinator of the MURI project among the five universities.

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*Prof. William Ribarsky, Georgia Institute of Technology
Research at Georgia Tech is carried out in Prof. Ribarsky's Data Visualization Group, which resides in the GVU Future Computing Lab. (FCL). The focus of research in Georgia Tech is to develop interactive communication systems and shared visualization protocols for augmented reality systems. These systems and protocols will be used in command/control and decision making scenarios and also for training simulations.


*Prof. Ulrich Neumann, University of Southern California
Research at USC is carried out in Prof. Neumann's Computer Graphics and Immersive Technologies (CGIT) Lab., which is part of the NSF-funded engineering research center. The focus of research at USC is the issues related to portable augmented reality, such as site to model registration, processing real-time video and incorporating other sensory systems such as  gyro sensor data in tracking tests.

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*Prof. Suresh Lodha, University of California, Santa Cruz
Research at UCSC is carried out in Prof. Lodha's group in the Scientific Visualization Laboratory. The focus of research at UCSC is to develop techniques for visualizing and validating uncertainty representations in complex and time-critical systems used in battlefield and command and control environments. The aim is to develop techniques that can be used for multiple, selectable visualizations of uncertainties in context.


*Prof. Pramod Varshney, Syracuse University
Research at Syracuse University is carried out in Prof. Varshney's Sensor Fusion Laboratory. The focus of research at Syracuse University is the evaluation of uncertainty in complex command and control visualization systems. The aim is to develop techniques for evaluation and representation of uncertainty for data fusion and visualization.



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