Wai-tian Tan

560 Santa Clara Ave, Berkeley, CA 94707

AREAS OF INTEREST Multimedia networking, networking, video compression/processing, real-time processing of multimedia data.
EDUCATION University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.
PhD, 2000.

Stanford University , Stanford, CA.
MSEE, 1993. 

Brown University , Providence, RI.
BS in Electrical Engineering (magna cum laude), 1992. 

HONORS Intel Fellowship, 1999.
Leland F. Margarat & Perry Johnson Fellowship, Stanford University, 1992.
EXPERIENCE Graduate Student Researcher : (Jun 95 - Present) 
Video and Image Processing Lab, University of California, Berkeley.
Research, develop, and implement video compression and transmission systems for Internet unicast and multicast. Scope includes: 
  • Develop and implement error-resilient, rate-scalable, real-time video compression for Internet transmissions.
  • Develop and implement rate-based, TCP-friendly unicast protocols for Internet streaming.
  • Develop and implement a layered FEC framework to provide differential loss protection and bit-rate to different receivers in a multicast setting.
  • Analyze different methods of carrying MPEG compressed video over Differentiated Services networks.
  • Past work includes real-time issues of scalable video encoding/decoding. 

More information about past and current research can be found at http://www-video.eecs.berkeley.edu/~dtan/html/research.html.

Summer Intern : (Jun 97 - Aug 97) 
Imaging Technology Department, Hewlett Packard Laboratories, Palo Alto. 
Develop software for video streaming over the Internet, including a Java based RTP protocol layer, packetization routines implementing RFC2038, and UDP based client/server applications for H.263 and MPEG-1. 

Technical Staff : (Jul 93 - Jun 95) 
Oracle Corporation, Redwood Shores. 
Work on providing NLS (multi-byte language support) for Oracle database reporting tools. Trouble shooting performance and functional problems on the UNIX platform Sequent PTX.

Research Assistant : (Jan 91 - May 92) 
LEMS Laboratory, Brown University, Providence. 
Work on implementing a parallel version of HMM based speech recognizer on a university-built 680x0 based parallel processor array. Design k-means algorithm for low memory usage. 

Software Engineer/Intern : (Summer 91) 
Microsoft Corporation, Redmond. 
Co-develop appointment book application for Microsoft Pen Windows. 

COMPUTER SKILLS Experience developing large applications using C, C++ on UNIX and Windows. Unix/Windows socket programming and client/server architectures. Familiar with Java, Tcl/Tk, SQL. 
TEACHING EXPERIENCE Teaching Assistant : (Fall 98) 
University of California, Berkeley.
EE225B, a class on multi-dimensional signal processing. Mainly working on computer support. 

Teaching Assistant : (Spring 97) 
University of California, Berkeley.
CS61B, a programming class that is supposed to be data structures but ended up covering mostly the Java programming language. 

Teaching Assistant : (Summer 91) 
Brown University.
EE163, a laboratory class on digital circuit design. 

Teaching Assistant : (Spring 91) 
Brown University.
CS52, a class on discrete mathematics. 



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