Fast 3D City Model Generation      



This research is part of the Visualization MURI, directed by Prof. Avideh Zakhor

Current Research

Ground-Based Modeling


Generation of 3D models of facades and street scenery as seen from street level. 

It involves in particular:



Pictures of a facade model for 12 downtown Berkeley blocks, generated completely automated. Total acquisition time for the entire facade model was 25 minutes, only limited by traffic conditions. Total processing time was 4 hours. 


       Model Fusion

Merging ground-based and airborne model to one single model, usable for both walk- and fly-thrus.


Picture of fused model for 3 downtown Berkeley blocks. See below for download.


VRML models for 3D point clouds, meshes and textured models:


Here are some results to examine interactively, the newest ones on top. If you don't have installed a VRML viewer, you can download CosmoPlayer 2.1 here. For the large models, you should have a PC with a 64MB graphics card and at least 512 MB. If you experience problems viewing the models (blank screen), it might help to first save the VRML file and view it then.


You can click on pictures to enlarge.



 Model description Processing state     download

Model of 3 downtown Berkeley blocks ( CVPR '03 & SIGGRAPH '03)

ground-based facade model fused with airborne model

VRML(103 MB)

   zip file

Model of 3 downtown Berkeley blocks

reconstructed facade, foreground removed


Facade of the Berkeley Public Library

reconstructed facade, foreground removed

VRML(2.4 MB)

Shattuck Ave. between Center and Addison Street

  untextured triangular raw mesh


3D image for  red/blue glasses 

Shattuck Ave. between Center and Addison Street

  raw point cloud


3D image for  red/blue glasses 


Quicktime video of a rendered drive through and flythrough for downtown Berkeley: download ;
4D modeling of time varying scenes: download video: